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Boeing 401k – 10 Things You Must Know About the Boeing VIP

By 401k, Boeing

Boeing VIP

With over 168,000 employees, the Boeing Company is one of the largest companies in the United States. After doing the review of the Boeing Pension Value Plan (you can check that out here), I’ve been receiving a number of questions about the Boeing VIP 401(k) or Voluntary Investment Plan. So after scouring through the nearly 300 pages of documents and materials, I’ve compiled 10 things that you must know about the Boeing VIP. The better educated you are about your 401k benefits, the greater your chances of making smart decisions and achieving great retirement outcomes.

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How to Choose the Best Pension Option for Boeing Retirees

By Boeing, Pension

Boeing Pension Value Plan

What’s Covered in This Review?

The Boeing Company made news recently when they announced a freeze for non-union employees’ pensions plans. Do you know how it affects your retirement? While there are plenty of articles written that cover the details of the announcement (here’s a thorough article by Reuters), in this independent review I’ll be covering the following information on The Boeing Company Pension Value Plan:

  • How The Boeing Company Pension Value Plan Works
  • How Benefits Are Paid to You
  • Taxation of Payment
  • Which Payment Option is Best
  • How Your Boeing Pension Affects Your Financial Plan

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